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Mary Norton, M.Ed.

Mary Norton has been an educator in the Nashville area since 2001. She attended Vanderbilt University and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. She later returned to Vanderbilt to complete a master's degree in reading education. Mary is licensed in the state of Tennessee as both a classroom teacher and a reading specialist. She has also completed the Tennessee Employment Standard for Gifted Education.

Mary has teaching experience with a wide range of diverse learners. Before entering private practice, she taught for seven years at Currey Ingram Academy and spent three years as a gifted and talented specialist in the Franklin Special School District. Mary has given numerous presentations at the state and local levels on topics related to literacy, writing, and exceptional learners.

Mary enjoys connecting with her students, celebrating their strengths, and equipping them to overcome challenges. She is passionate about making learning experiences meaningful and relevant for each of her students.

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